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February 13, 2013
STAR-Cast v1.12: Accelerate, Understand and Improve Casting Processes

CD-adapco and Access are pleased to announce the release of STAR-Cast 1.12, the latest version of its comprehensive and intuitive tool for performing multiphase casting process simulation

 – liquid, solid and gaseous – including conjugate heat transfer, a sharp resolution of the filling front, free-surface fragmentation, motion of trapped gas bubbles in melt, and natural convection in melt and gas. STAR-Cast v1.12 introduces a number of enhancements and new feature that have the specific aim of helping foundrymen, designers and toolmakers: shorten their product development schedules; create more reliable and better quality products; and to gain additional insight into their process behavior and performance.

"STAR-Cast v1.12 illustrates our continued commitment to making our customers even more successful through precision in casting simulation," said Robert Guntlin, Managing Director of Access.

Enhancements to STAR-Cast v1.12 include:

Shell Mold Generator

  • Enhanced parameter setting:
  •  step length enhancement factor
  •  separate convex and concave corner treatment

Material database

  •  New material properties
  •  Comparison of properties of several materials
  •  Enhanced data plotter

Simulation Setup

  • Faster simulation setup procedure
  • Better handling of High Pressure Die Casting Physics
  • Macro shrinkage prediction added
  • Dimensionless Niyama critrerion added
  • Criterion for freckles prediction added
  • Mushy zone model with Fornheimer term and underrelaxation
  • correction of the mushy zone model for the local solidification time dependent SDAS model


Visualization and Analysis

  • SDAS uses local solidification time, if present
  • Visualization of huge solultion file (>4GB) is now possible
  • Postprocessing using STAR-CCM+ 7.04