As international experts in casting and metallurgy Access has been focussing on the simulation of materials processing and properties on different scales. STAR-Cast offers comprehensive modelling capabilities on the component and process level whereas MICRESS® is a universal tool for the simulation of the internal structure of materials on the microscale.


Access has been teaming up with CD-adapco, a world leading provider of CAE technology, to put into the hands of foundrymen, casting designers and tool makers an entirely new concept in casting simulation. STAR-Cast provides a comprehensive approach for multiphase casting simulation - liquid, solid and gaseous - including conjugate heat transfer, a sharp resolution of the filling front, free-surface fragmentation, motion of trapped gas bubbles in melt, forced and natural convection in melt and gas and gas flow through porous moulds.

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MICRESS® is a unique tool for microstructure simulation developed by Access. It allows the calculation of the microstructure evolution during casting and further heat treatments on a sound physical and thermodynamic basis for technical multicomponent and multiphase alloys. Scale bridging to the process level is an active research topic together with different partners in academia and industry, e.g. in the framework of the “cluster of excellence: Integrative production technology in high wage countries” hosted at the RWTH Aachen University.

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Access further is official agent for Thermo-Calc Software ( in Germany.

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