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July 8, 2011
Sample-upload to ISS for Access with the last Space Shuttle Mission

On its very last flight the Space Shuttle Atlantis is transporting a second set of 6 metallic samples to the International Space Station ISS to be processed in the Solidification and Quenching Furnace SQF in the Material Science Laboratory MSL.

The Access experiments are part of 3 different European projects within ESA’s Microgravity Application Program MAP. In two samples the influence of pure diffusive and convective conditions on the microstructure evolution during directional solidification of AlSi cast alloys with and without rotating magnetic field will be analyzed. Two further samples are dedicated to investigate the columnar to equiaxed transition in grain growth under diffusive conditions in AlSi7 alloys. And additionally, in two samples a particular type of eutectic growth namely symbiotic growth along univariant eutectic groove in hypoeutectic AlMnSi alloys will be investigated in microgravity.