RWTH Aachen Cluster of Excellence

RWTH Aachen Cluster of Excellence  Intergrative Production Technologies for High Wage countries

The production of increasingly complex and valuable goods requires highly advanced, knowledge-based, tailored materials and components. In general production goes along with planning and design activities to elaborate suitable process chains leading to the desired functionality of the copoment while simultanously meeting reasonable cost targets. This leads to a dilemma where efforts spent in planning and design have to be related to the final value of the product. A suitable strategy for the combination of different simulation tools will drastically reduce the efforts spent for planning and re-planning of production processes.

In the cluster domain "Virtual production", Access co-ordinates a project aiming at the description of the history of a component starting from the sound initial condition of a homogeneous, isotropic and stress free melt, continuing via subsequent processing steps and eventually ending in the description of failure onset under operational load. the realization of such a modeling scenario is one of the key objectives of the emerging discipline of Intergrated Computational Materials Engineering ICME. Respective simulations have recently supported the planning of a new factory for TiAl-components.