Publications - By Year


  • G. J. Schmitz, B. Böttger, J. Eiken, M. Apel, A. Viardin, A. Carré, G. Laschet
    Phase-field based simulation of microstructure evolution in technical alloy grades
    Int J Adv Eng Sci Appl Math, (December 2010) 2 (4): 126-139, DOI 10.1007/s12572-011-0026-y (Springer)
  • S. McFadden, D. J. Browne, L. Sturz, G. Zimmermann
    Analysis of a Microgravity Solidification Experiment for Columnar to Equiaxed Transitions with Modeling Results
    Materials Science Forum, 649, pp. 361-366
  • Ch.-A. Gandin, J. Blaizot, S. Mosbah, M. Bellet, G. Zimmermann, L. Sturz, D. J. Browne, McFadden, H. Jung, B. Billia, N. Mangelinck, H. Nguyen Thi, Y. Fautrelle, X. Wang
    Modeling of Heat and Solute Interactions upon Grain Structure Solidification
    Materials Science Forum, 649, pp. 189-198
  • A. Kartavykh, V. Ginkin, S. Ganina, S. Rex, U. Hecht, B. Schmitz, D. Voss
    Numerical study of convection-induced peritectic macro-segregation effect at the directional counter-gravity solidification of Ti–46Al–8Nb alloy
    Intermetallics, 2011, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 14 December 2010
  • H. Quade, P. Fayek, G. Laschet, T. Henke
    Multiscale simulation of the U and O-forming of a linepipe tube
    Proc. of 1st conf. on multiplysics, Bonn, 2010
  • G. J. Schmitz, S. Benke, G. Laschet, M. Apel, U. Prahl, P. Fayek, S. Konovalov, J. Rudnizki, H. Quade, S. Freyberger, T. Henke, M. Bambach, E. A. Rossiter, U. Jansen, U. Eppelt
    Towards Integrative Computational Materials Engineering of Steel Components
    in press: Production Engineering & Research
  • B. Boettger, S. Stratemeier, E. Subasic, K. Goehler, I. Steinbach, D. Senk
    Modelling of Hot Ductility during Solidification of Steel Grades in Continuous Casting – Part II
    Adv. Eng. Mater., 12, 2010, p 101-109
  • L. Giraldi, G. Laschet, M. Mathes
    Influence of the segmentation technique on the effective thermal conductivity of open-cell metallic foams
    Proc. of 4th Europ. Conf. on Comput. Mech., Paris, France, 2010, pp. 16-21
  • G. Laschet, H. Quade, T. Henke, H.-H. Dickert, M. Bambach
    Comparison of elasto-plastic multiscale analyses of the u-forming process of a steel linepipe tube
    Proc. of 4th Europ. Conf. on Coumput: Mech, Paris, France, 2010, pp. 16-21
  • D. Senk, S. Stratemeier, B. Boettger, E. Subasic, K. Goehler, I. Steinbach
    Modelling of Hot Ductility during Solidification of Steel Grades in Continuous Casting – Part I
    Adv. Eng. Mater., 12, 2010, p 94-100
  • S. Benke, S. Freyberger, B. Boettger, H. Quade, J. Rudnizki, U. Prahl, G. J. Schmitz, A. Buehrig-Polaczek, E. Westhoff
    Scale bridging through process simulation of manufacturing and service life of high-precision cast parts made from austenitic stainless steel
    presented IWCMM 2010, Loughborough, UK 8.-10.9.2010 (abstract) accepted for publication: Computational Materials
  • S. Benke, S. Freyberger, H. Quade, G. J. Schmitz, A. Buehrig-Polaczek, E. Westhoff
    Through process simulation of manufacturing and service life of high-precision cast parts made from austenitic stainless steel
    presented 1st conference on multiphysics simulation, Bonn Germany, June 2010 accepted: Int.Journal of Multiphysics
  • J. Aguilar, U. Hecht, A. Schievenbusch
    Qualification of an investment casting process for production of titanium aluminide components for aerospace and automotive applications
    Materials Science Forum Vols. 638-642, 2010, pp 1275-1280
  • G. Laschet, M. Apel
    Thermo-elastic homogenization of 3-D steel microstructure simulated by phase-field method
    Steel Research Int, 81 (8), pp. 637-643, (2010)
  • A. Carré, B. Boettger, M. Apel
    Phase-field modelling of gas porosity formation during the solidification of aluminium
    Int. J. Mat. Res. (formerly Z. Metallkd.) 101, p. 4, (2010)
  • J. Eiken
    Phase-field simulations of dendritic orientation selection in Mg-alloys with hexagonal anisotropy
    Fifth International Conference on Solidification and Gravity (September 2009) Material Science Forum 649, pp. 199—204, (2010)
  • A. Noeppel, A. Ciobanas, X.D. Wang, K. Zaidat, N. Mangelinck, R. Moreau, A. Weiss, G. Zimmermann, Y. Fautrelle
    Influence of forced/natural convection on segregation during the directional solidification of Al-based binary alloys
    Met. Mat. Trans. B41(1), 2010, pp. 193-208
  • O. Shuleshova, D. Holland-Moritz, W. Loeser, A. Voss, H. Hartmann, U. Hecht, V. T. Witusiewicz, D. M. Herlach, B. Buechner
    In situ observations of solidification processes in gamma-TiAl alloys by synchrotron radiation
    Acta Materialia 58 (2010), Pages 2408–2418
  • V. T. Witusiewicz , A. A. Bondar, U. Hecht, J. Zollinger, V. M. Petyukh, O. S. Fomichov, V. M. Voblikov, S. Rex
    Experimental study and thermodynymic re-assessment of the binary Al-Ta system
    Intermetallics, Volume 18, Issue 1, 2010, pp. 92-106
  • G. Zimmermann, V.T. Vitusevych, L. Sturz
    Microstructure Formation in AlSi6Cu4 Alloy with Forced Melt Flow induced by a Rotating Magnetic Field
    Materials Science Forum 649, Pages 249-254
  • G. Zimmermann, U. Hecht, M. Mathes, R. H. Mathiesen
    Time resolved X-ray imaging of eutectic cellular patterns evolving during solidification of ternary Al-Cu-Ag alloys
    Int. J. Materials Research 12, 2010, pp. 1484-1488
  • J. Aguilar, C. Grueneberg, B. Nacke, M. Langejuergen, B. Sommer, J. Niehues, M. Haimerl
    Electromagnetically induced segregation of a gradient microstructrure in aluminium-castings
    Foundry Trade Journal, Vol. 184, No. 3672, 2010, pp. 54-58
  • E. Schaberger-Zimmermann, A. Buehrig-Polaczek, G. Zimmermann, M. Schafaff
    Vergleichende Gefuegebestimmung in einer ternaeren AlCuAg Legierung mittels zeitaufgeloester Synchrotronstrahlung und metallographischer Praeparation
    Prakt. Metallographie Sonderband 42, 2010, pp. 247-252
  • D. Sturm, M. Heilmaier, H. Saage, J. Aguilar, G. J. Schmitz, A. Drevermann, M. Palm, F. Stein, N. Engberding, K. Kelm, S. Irsen
    Creep strength of a binary Al62Ti38 alloy
    International journal of materials research 101 5, 2010, pp. 676-679
  • L. Sturz, A. Drevermann, U. Hecht, E. Pagounis, M. Laufenberg
    Production and characterization of large single crystals made of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys Ni-Mn-Ga
    Physics Procedia 10, 2010, pp. 81-86